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First released in 2005 as one of Vagrant Press's inaugural titles, Lesley Crewe's debut novel, Relative Happiness, garnered rave reviews. Lesley's writing is fresh and funny, and her portrayal of the Cape Breton spirit--strong and wry in the face of adversity--is unwaveringly authentic.

Reviews for Relative Happiness: "Against the backdrop of Cape Breton's windy beaches, author Lesley Crewe delivers real people living real lives. We give her our highest kudo: we couldn't put the book down." -Aloft Magazine

"The novel is quite exceptional and shows that Crewe has the potential to become a leading author within this genre." -New Brunswick Reader

"This is Crewe's first novel and quite frankly, I'm astonished to know that. Her graceful prose and her ability to turn a familiar story into something with such raw, dramatic power are skills that many veteran novelists have yet to develop." -Halifax Chronicle Herald


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